Wednesday, November 24, 2010

50 things i am thankful for

So in an earlier post, i mentioned that on Thanksgiving i would put down 50 things i am thankful for. It just so happened that the other day at church we were talking about thankfulness and it really made me think more about what i am thankful for. I now am not only thankful for the good things, but also the bad things because i know that God has a plan for everything and no matter what happens in life, God has it under control:) So here we go....

1. Family 2. Mom and Dad  3. House  4. shoes  5. clothes  6. tooth brush  7. tooth paste  8. hair brush  9. toilet (imagine going to the bathroom in the bushes everyday) 10.  my amazing friends ( Maddy, Avery, Keaton, and everyone who has supported me through my journey to Ethiopia) 11.  bed  12. blankets 13. clean water 14. 3 good meals a day 15. snacks in the pantry 16. a sink  17. shower 18. pillow 19. guitar 20. boat  21. shampoo/conditioner  22. soap  23. cups to drink from  24. plates to eat on  25. silverware  26. table  27. cars  28. airplanes  29. ugg boots (i hate having cold feet) 30. hospitals  31. medicine  32. doctors  33. soldiers  34. free country  35. candy  36. computer  37. cell phone  38. camera  39. T.V.  40. electricity  41. refrigerator  42. internet  43. microwave  44. dislocation in elbow  45.  gymnastics  46. ETHIOPIA  47. books   48. school  49. having to take a year off of gymnastics because of injury's   50.  GOD... There is sooooo much more I am thankful for and as I am sitting here with my brother from Ethiopia in my arms, I couldn't ask for anything more and I am so thankful for EVERYTHING in my life:)

So some of these are easy to understand but others might be a little confusing to you such as the dislocation in elbow. Why am i thankful for this?????? When i think back on this injury, i think about what if it never had happened to me? My life would be so different. I most likely would not be the Savannah Thorne you all know right now. I wouldn't be writing this and i wouldn't be trying to raise 15,000 dollars for Ethiopia. I would be in the gymnastics gym 5 days a week 8 hours a day working my butt off thinking about me, and my gymnastics, and my life. I wouldn't be thinking about others the way i do now and my life just would not be the same. I would have never gotten the opportunity to go to Ethiopia and have my life changed the way it did.
When the injury first happened i was so angry. I thought why did this have to happen to me? Why do i always have to get hurt? Why did Got let this happen? I just didn't understand. But then God showed me that He has a perfect plan for everything. Everything turned out better than i could ever imagine it. I got to go to Ethiopia to pick up my brother and fell in love with the country and him. I held back on gymnastics and didn't go nearly as much as i had been going before and it was honestly the most amazing decision and "God-thing" that has ever happened to me. God taught me many things. He taught me that even when things happen and you think nothing can fix it, He can! He has a PERFECT plan for everything and we need to trust him with our life. He will show me what paths to take as long as i trust and believe in him. That's why i am thankful for dislocating my elbow. It was the beginning of God changing my life!
Just remember that when you have a bad day or somethings doesn't turn out the way you want it to turn out, God has a great plan for everything and you just need to trust in him and have faith:)
Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.
Philippians 4:13

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