Tuesday, November 9, 2010

i wanna go back!

So today i was finishing up some picture framing from the trip. I was hanging it on my wall in my room and then was just looking at it. I then realized how much i miss Ethiopia. I miss everything about it. I had such a great time and it was life changing. I want to go back to where my heart is! I also want to go back and see my forever and always little buddy, Zalylom.
Our first orphange we went to and our first day, was the day i fell in love with this AMAZING little boy. He is so cute and loving. He hardly ever smiled but by mid day, i got him to smile at me, and only me! He fell asleep in my arms at one point. I helped him go down the slide that he was scared to go down by himself. I let him eat my food and drink my water. He was a spoiled little boy that day! He wanted one of the bracelets i was wearing so i gave it to him. I wanted with all my heart to take him home with me. I wanted to give him a nice bath, new clean clothes, and a toy to play with. But i couldn't:( As we drove away he waved to me bye. I just wanted to jump out of the car and grab him then jump back in the car with him in my arms, but i couldn't. It was so hard giving him one last hug, one last kiss on the cheek, and one more wave goodbye.
After a week went by and we had already gone to Dube Bute we went back to the same orphanage Zalylom was in, KVI. When i got out of the car i couldn't find him. Then i walk to the back side and there he was, sitting up against the wall all by him self. Then i said, "Zalylom!" He put his head  up, smiled, then ran into my arms. I wanted to just cry. I loved him and missed him so much but knew i shouldn't get too attached to him. This time i had brought a new outfit for him and some lotion to put on his dry skin. So, I took him into the van, put lotion on him then gave him a brand new, clean outfit!
He was a handsome little boy!

His favorite part was the hat...
One day, when and if he gets a family, i will track them down and find him (in my dreams:))
Zalylom means Forever and Always and we will Forever and Always be buddies at heart <3 I love you!

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