Monday, April 25, 2011


Such a beautiful, hot day we had in Hawaii on Easter. We went to sunrise service on the beach and let me tell you, it was an awesome sunrise. The beauty that God can create is just amazing.
This is a picture of our sunset we had Easter night

 The Easter Bunny, for the first time, did not come to our house this year. At first the little kids were a little confused on why the Bunny would "skip" our house, but my parents described to them why we celebrate Easter.... and NOT the Easter Bunny. After that, they didn't even ask about the Bunny again. They were so interested in what God has done for us that Caden even had a few tears because he was sad for Jesus and that He sacrificed Himself just for us. He went through all that pain... just for us.

 Life is hard. Life is full of mistakes and sin. But because of Him, we can have all of our sins forgiven, go live a place that is so amazing no one here on earth can describe, and have an ever lasting life! Thank You JESUS!!!!
Our traditional picture of us kids every Easter

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