Wednesday, October 12, 2011

no more history books!

Well i realize i haven't posted in a long time. School, school, school and more school. Then vacation, vacation, and more vacation. It has been a crazy last two months. School started and we had a huge family trip to France, Africa, New York, and Las Vegas! Yes, those are all very different types of places and yes it was very hard to pack for them all in only one suitcase... but i managed:) I learned so much the past month that i see no need to finish up my history book this year.

But i will start with telling you about France....
If you don't know me... i LOVE food! There was really good food and amazing deserts.
It was beautiful!! We stayed in Nice, France and went to the beaches, village tops, and did some shopping.
 It was one of the last times our family will be together so we had to take our Christmas card
And the two cutest little boys had so much fun!

More pics from other trips will be coming next post:) All i have to say and thank you Jesus for getting us around the world and back home safely.

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  1. Maybe next time, you should find room to pack ME in your suitcase! I think yes.