Sunday, February 20, 2011

t-shirts on sale

In the past, i raised over 4,000 dollars just by selling t-shirts that i hand spray painted. I never in my dreams thought i would raise that much money just by selling the shirts. I knew God had a plan for all the money and would show me where to use it in Ethiopia. All of the money went straight into building a well in Dube Bute, and buying food for an orphanage called Kingdom Vision International.

I have faith that i can raise a little more money to reach my goal on my campaign. My goal is $15,000.00 and so far i have raised $11,261.43. That means i need 3,738.57 more. But i can only do it with your help!

The shirts are now on sale for $8.

They look like this...

I can do whatever colors you'd like.
I can put the heart in whatever country you would like it in.
The sizes run a little big.
I have sizes, small, medium, large, and extra large.

I can also add "hope" on it for an extra $2.

How to order?
1) Go to my Campaign here and add in 8 or 10 dollars depending on  if you want "hope."
2) Write your size, color, and which country you would like your heart in. For example, Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana, Rwanda etc.
3) Email me your address at...

Your shirt will be sent out within two days.

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