Thursday, February 10, 2011

what do people think?

My family isn't the average family! Instead of having two or three kids we have seven and three of them are black. I am more than proud of the way my family is and couldn't ask for anything more but, when we go out in public, what do people think of us?

The first thing everyone notices is the 3 black kids I'm guessing. They stare at my parents then back at the kids and look totally confused. Are they trying to figure out why we have 3 black kids and 4 white kids? Obviously!! I know if i saw a family like ours, i would want to hear the story about the kids. Or,  the fact that we have so many kids probably shocks them too. I mean how many families have 7 kids? Not too many but i am happy to be part of one of them!

 The past month we have been in Australia and have gone to the beach just about everyday. We have come across so many people that just lie on the beach and stare at us. Do i think of it as bad thing? Or does it annoy me? NO! I believe that staring is rude but i try to think of it in a good way. Such as, maybe they are looking at how cute all the kids are, or how well they play together... or just the opposite of that! What ever it is, it doesn't bother me because God created our family the way He wanted it to be and i couldn't ask for anything better!






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  1. what do people think?
    that's an interesting question.
    personally, I think you have a great and wonderful family (even if I don't know you). The kids are so cute !
    Diversity is a chance, no matter what people think.
    I appreciate the way you think and see things in life. Don't pay attention for those who stare at you. Keep the faith.