Tuesday, March 15, 2011

soccer players of the season!!

Spring soccer has started and 3 of the 4 younger kids are doing it this year. It is the cutest thing watching all the little kids chase after the ball like a swarm of bees. They have games every Saturday and so far only two of them have had games at the same time. Let's hope they don't all three have games at the same time on the same day!

Caden is by far the fast on his team and yes, the only black kid with a (what he likes to call his) "radical" earring!
Charis is very competitive and does NOT like to lose! They have won both the games they have played in and she gets to play on the team with her best friend.
Kingston is so adorable! He is one of the smallest on his team and is always the one the go after the ball. He is very aggressive and a great team player.
His necklace is going up his nose!
So, you might be wondering where Yanet is. She is still a little uncoordinated and needs some more strength and balance before she can start a sport. She is trying hard and is getting stronger each day. She is the cheerleader for the kids at all the games!

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