Tuesday, July 5, 2011

finishing up

As some of you know, i am trying to finish up my fund raising for Dube Bute. Over the past few months i have managed to raise an amazing $14,000. I have $1,000 to go to bring me to my $15,000 goal. I want to give a big thanks to those who have helped me in my fund raising. You have helped make a huge difference in one of the poorest villages in the world.
I am trying to come up with ways to make $1,000 dollars, but as a teenager and not having a job, it is very difficult. I babysit as much i can and give all my money i get from that to Dube Bute.  In the past i sold hand spray painted t-shirts. I also saved up all my change and got a couple hundred dollars just off that. So now i have come up with another idea. I figured out that if all my facebook friends just gave $5... i would reach my goal and even go a little over!  Just 5 dollars!!
Would you be willing to give $5 to save hundreds of lives by giving them clean, safe water drink? Think About It :)

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