Thursday, June 2, 2011

another life changing trip to ethiopia

Wow! What an amazing experience i had in Ethiopia again. There aren't words good enough to describe the moments i had with the people of Dube Bute. As we arrived, there were hundreds of people waiting for us singing, dancing, and praising the Lord. And what did i do? I got out of the car and started dancing with them and it lasted for almost two hours! These are the people who i will NEVER forget about. They are my friends, my family, and have taught me so much. I have my friends who make tally marks on rocks until the next time i come.... People asking me to move to the village and teach at the schools.... I am known as the girl with golden teeth(braces) and "tall" blond hair!
We went to Dube Bute two days in a row. By the beginning of the second day, almost the whole village of thousands of people all knew my real name. Not just "gold teeth American girl." I walked through the beautiful valleys for hours with my little(huge) fan club, we talked, giggled, and shared memorable moments with each other. They tried teaching me the Awassa language and i tried teaching them English... We both failed but shared so much laughter!
I will never forget all the beautiful faces of the people of Dube Bute. All the little babies and kids with no pants. The many with no shoes. But most importantly the love, hope, and joy they have.

When i am hanging out with my friends here, i will always be thinking about my friends in Dube Bute and how much harder they work for life yet how much more joy and happiness they all have.
The progress with the wells, schools, and all the fund raising is going very well! They are trying to finish the roads before the rainy season so they can continue to get materials through the season.
helping build the bridge
the health post or vet clinic.... i forget which one

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