Friday, June 17, 2011

Ethiopia Video

Untitled from savannah thorne on Vimeo.
This video still brings me to tears. I think about these people everyday, every meal, every time i take a shower with clean water, every time i walk 10 feet to get water.... I think about what these people are doing everyday and what i am doing every day. Being 15, it can be a challenge to not go to the mall with all your friends and spend money on stuff you don't really need but my passion is to help others, not myself.

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  1. So I happened to be at the Power of Modesty website, and I read their blog in which you talked about Ehiopia and I thought it was awesome that you have had the opportunity to go to Ethiopia at 14. That's SO awesome. So the site had a link to your blog, and duh I clicked it. Girl, I totally identify with how you feel for Ethiopia -- loving them, wanting to help them, and all else. Except I feel that way for Haiti - where I've recently been. Anyway, I was just excited to be creeping on someone's blog with a passion for Jesus and helping others, and I wanted to let you know. Keep going at it and helping them with everything you are. =)